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I have wanted to get hair extensions for a long time and spent well over a year researching the different types of extensions and places where to go, so I could decide which would suit me best. In the end, I choose Belle Hair in Galway City.

On Belle Hair website, they quote;

Belle Hair is the highest grade of I-tip semi-permanent hair extension available.
It is double drawn, 1g per strand cuticle intact hair, tipped with flexible Italian keratin adhesive.
After years of researching and testing hair, we have created hair that is long lasting, non-shedding, durable and consistent.

In November 2018, I booked to get a full head of highlights with the talented stylist, Stacey Doyle, who also works in Belle Hair and for a 3/4 head of extensions with amazing hair extensionist and owner of Belle Hair, Nancy Cavanagh.

On the day, Stacey talked me through on products she would be using for my highlights using Wella and Olaplex and how to maintain my blonde, as since I was getting hair extensions, silver shampoo was going to be a no-go as it would stain my extensions. This was going to be hard, as I have been using silver shampoo for a couple of years to give me an ashy blonde. Stacey worked her magic and my hair was beautiful and healthy looking.

After Stacey had finished my hair, Nancy came over to colour match my hair to the extensions. When Nancy found the right shade, she started to section my hair and start the application. It took two hours, but that time flew. Nancy was giving me loads of advice on how I can maintain my new extensions, so they will be in good health and I can reuse them again.

This was my hair before colour & extensions, after colour & after extensions in November 2018.

I had to go back to Belle Hair in March 2019, that was four months later, to get my hair extenions reapplied and for my colour to be redone. Stacey and Nancy were both pleased with the condition of the hair extensions and how I didn’t even lose one. This time, I didn’t want a full head of highlights, I wanted a root stretch, so my roots wouldn’t look as bad when it was growing out. Stacey listened to what I wanted and she did what she does best… transform hair into a work of art. Nancy reapplied my hair extensions and I told her the products I had been using and I was asking questions about my extensions. For instance, I noticed my extensions had been getting split ends and Nancy explained that hair extensions dry out and that is why they get split ends, like our own natural hair, and this is why it is important to use oil in your hair every day.

My natural hair in left picture after extensions were taken out. My hair after colour & reapplication of extensions in March 2019.

I seriously cannot recommed Belle Hair enough. Even after my appointment, if I ever had any questions I could always contact Belle Hair and they would always get back to me. Belle Hair are also stockists of Eleven Australia & Kevin Murphy hair products & my favourite Belle Brush, (you can see my review of the Belle Brush by clicking this link; )

  • If you are thinking of getting your hair coloured and getting extensions done on the same day, then be prepared to spend most of the day in the salon.
  • Belle Hair also let you pay as much or as little as you want before your appointment, which I find brilliant as you don’t have to pay a large lump sum at the end.
  • Listen to the professionals, I have not lost one hair extension yet and I have them in six months. This is down to using products such as Eleven Australia & The Belle Brush.
  • You can style your hair as normal with Belle Hair extensions. It didn’t take me long to get use to it and curls definetly stay longer in my extensions than my own hair.
  • If you are unsure what kind of extensions you want, eg. Volume Booster, Full Head etc, Belle Hair will inform you which is the best.
  • Have fun! Everyone working in Belle Hair are so funny and friendly. They really make you feel like you are in a second home.

Here are the prices for colour, styling and extensions:

I have attached the Instagram accounts to both Belle Hair and Stacey Doyle, so you can see their amazing transformations 😍

Belle Hair Instagram
Stacey Doyle Instagram
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