BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Strawberry Tan Review

I basically have all BPerfect Cosmetics products, so I was delighted to get my hands on their newest tan.

On the BPerfect website, it states the following about the product:

Introducing the newest member to the BPerfect tanning range – 10 Second Strawberry Tanning Mousse – Limited Edition
Same great product as the existing 10 Second Tan family – the self tanning mousse is lightweight, quick drying and created with natural and organic active ingredients.
Developed with aloe vera and soft notes of delicious strawberries this 10 Second Tanning mousse nourishes and moisturises, gliding over the skin for a flawless even tan. (150 ml)
Shade: Medium Dark 
Suitable for use on face and body.
Instant colour guide – gradual fade 3-5 days

I applied the tan on Tuesday morning. When the mousse started coming out, the smell of strawberry was very sweet, but it started to settle after a couple of pumps and it wasn’t as over powering from then on. The mousse glided on with no hassle and the colour was instant, so I could see if there was any where I missed. The tan dried almost instantly, so I could get dressed when I was done and go about my day. I could see the colour of the tan darkening throughout the day and after about 9 hours, I washed the tan off. I was left with a beautiful, bronzed, even colour after my shower. By Sunday, the tan had worn off. It had a very natural fade, no patchiness, no drying out my skin and it didn’t cling to any dry areas.

Before & After Using The BPerfect 10 Second Strawberry Tan

After 9 hours, my tan was a natural dark shade. Not an ultra dark or very dark, it was a beautiful dark shade. If you are looking for a more medium – dark colour, I would wash it off after 6 – 7 hours of applying. The tan costs €17.95 for 150ml bottle.

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