Bperfect Cosmetics Ultra Dark Mango Tan Mousse Review

As ye know I am a huge lover of the bPerfect Cosmetics range. I love their dark watermelon spray mist tan so I was so excited when I received their new Ultra Dark Mango Tan in a mousse form. I was abit afraid to use it at first (as you know I love my tan dark) but didn’t know how dark the ultra dark tan was going to be on me.

On bPerfect Cosmetics site it states the following about this tanning mousse:

“Get a gorgeous glow in seconds with the NEW 10 Second Tan – Mousse – self tanning formula containing natural and organic active ingredients.

Developed with aloe vera and soft notes of Mango this lightweight tanning mousse nourishes and moisturises, gliding over the skin for a flawless even tan. (200ml)

Suitable for use on face and body.

Ultra Dark – Suitable for dark complexions or those wanting a deeper darker tan.

The 10 Second Tan -Mousse formula is easy to apply, quick-drying, gradual fade up to 5 days. Lightly scented with soft notes of mango.”

I was quiet surprised first off at how heavy the bottle was, as I have a few mousse tans, so there is a lot of tan in this bottle. I applied this tan midweek as I was wanted to see what it was like for an event I had for the weekend after. Omg the smell of the mousse is insane, it’s pure mango!! I love mango so this was like heaven to me. Himself even said I smelt like a fruit 😂 The tan went on without any streaks or mess (I always use two pumps at a time on my mitt as I use to do more and it would just go everywhere) and it’s an instant colour, so I can see where I’m applying it and if I’ve missed any areas. Even on my neck area there was none of that smudgy, patchy looking application, which I was surprised by as most of my tans do that. When I had my whole body done, I got dressed straight away. The tan had already dried in, which was brilliant as I hate waiting 5 – 10 minutes naked for my tan to dry.

The next morning, I washed my tan off in the shower. My skin didn’t feel dry after (I have very dry skin so there are some tans that can dry out my skin), the colour was even, non streaky and I was really bronzed. The one thing I’m surprised with was how long the tan lasted on me. The Bperfect Cosmetics dark mist tan starts to fade on me on day 3, however, the mousse took 5 – 6 days before it started to fade. It fades evenly without the dirty look. My mother only said to me during the week I really like the tan you’re wearing and I said that’s faded, she was so surprised by it. That’s how you know it’s a good tan when people say stuff like that.

I think ye know how I feel about this tan. I love it so much, I ended up wearing it to the Inglot Awards. This is by far one of the most amazing tanning mousse out there. It dries quick, no streaks, the mango smells amazing and it lasts longer than the tan mist on me. I will be purchasing this tan when I’ve used up this bottle. It’s €25 in pharmacies online and nationwide. I also found on their site what colours there are available for you, (however I’m really fair and I wore the ultra dark):

Medium Coconut – Suitable for light to fair complexions.
Dark – Suitable for medium to dark complexions that tend to tan quite easy in the sun.
Ultra Dark – Suitable for dark complexions or those wanting a deeper darker tan.

Please let me know your thoughts on the tan 😄

*Disclaimer: Although I was sent this tan, I always give my honest opinion regardless if I purchased or it was gifted, as I’m sure you have seen on my other posts.

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