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Belle Hair And I

April 16, 2019 lisanaughtonmua 0

I have wanted to get hair extensions for a long time and spent well over a year researching the different types of extensions and places where to go, so I could decide which would suit me best. In the end, I choose Belle Hair in Galway City.

On Belle Hair website, they quote;

Belle Hair is the highest grade of I-tip semi-permanent hair extension available.
It is double drawn, 1g per strand cuticle intact hair, tipped with flexible Italian keratin adhesive.
After years of researching and testing read more

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HD Brows – Get your desired brow shape

April 19, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

I have been getting my HD brows done since January 2016 & I haven’t looked back since. I was sick of tweezing my own brows, as I would spot a hair I felt was out of place from one brow, grab that, then they look completely uneven and I try fix them & end up with no brows, the usual struggle 😂😂😂

Here’s the low down on HD Brows. It’s a 7 step treatment to give you the desired shape of brow you want. Even if your brows are sparse, you can be put on a brow regrowth programme to help with the growth of your brows.

The 7 Steps to Perfect HD Brows:

• =&0=&: Our Brow Artist will asses a client’s face shape to determine the best brow shape to suit their features.

• =&1=&; a high definition tint is use to highlight or even out eyebrow colour.

• =&2=&; a specially blended wax is used to remove hair from the area followed by an after-wax lotion.

• =&3=&; threading helps to blend hairs into the brow area.

• =&4=&; any stray leftover hairs are tweezed for a flawless line.

• =&5=&; scissors are used to trim unruly hairs to create a streamlined look.

• =&6=&; the treated skin is soothed using an antiseptic skin calming tonic.  Mineral powders are applied to calm any redness; any gaps are filled in with eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow palette.

I know when people think of HD Brows they think of super black, thick brows. This isn’t always the case, you can choose what colour you prefer, as there are different options of tint colours for you. This is what the consultation purpose is for before treatment, to tell the stylist what kind of brow you want, thick, thin, light or dark.

So off I popped into the Lilac Rooms in Roscommon Town and booked in my HD Brows with the Brow Queen herself, Kate. Kate has always made me feel comfortable & knew exactly what brow shape I was aiming for.  After around 4 months, I achieved my desired shape but always go back in every 4 – 5 weeks to keep them topped up. The treatment is approximately 40 minutes. I honestly can not be without them.  They are €30 in the Lilac Rooms, Rosmed Pharmacy, Roscommon.

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