Catwalk HQ – Tan Remover Review

I am so behind lately trying all the latest products, but better late than never! I was thrilled when I was at a blogger night in Inglot Athlone lately, I won a few Catwalk HQ products, which included the Tan Remover 🙌🙌 Anyone who follows me for a while know that I am a serious tan lover, so I tan good as every week. I hate scrubbing the life out of my skin after five days to remove the last bit of tan on me, so I’m delighted to see there are now tan removers on the market.

On Catwalk HQ site, it states the following about this tan remover:

“CatwalkHQ Self Tan Remover contains a unique blend of intense moisturizing agents which will soften any stubborn, unwanted tan. These moisturizing agents combined with natural, but powerful, Mango and Papaya Enzymes gently exfoliate away any dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal leaving your skin feeling nourished and conditioned.”

Your tan should be on for about 4 days before using this product. So I waited on day 4 before applying. The product is like a bubbly foam and I applied it with my hands. It was like a mix of oil and silk feeling rubbing it on. There was a really nice smell to it. I had to wait for 10 minutes before showering it off. There was some stubborn areas with tan, so after 5 minutes I reapplied some more of the tan remover on those areas just incase.

After about 10 minutes, I hopped into the shower and I also used my Ziaja Body Scrub, as it does say to use an exfoliator with it. I didn’t scrub as hard with the body scrub as I normally do, as the tan remover should be doing its job. After I finished showering, I noticed that the majority of my tan was gone but there was still some left on certain areas BUT when I dried myself with the towel, the remaining tan came off. I have dry skin and I’m also pleased to say that this product didn’t dry my skin out any further too.

So overall, yes this product removed all my tan and I am ready to apply new tan again after using this. I would advise if you have any stubborn, patchy tan, I would apply a second layer on that area. The Catwalk HQ tan remover retails at €15 and is available in pharmacies nationwide or you can buy on their site by Clicking Here

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