Face or Eye Make-Up First??

Before I apply my makeup, I always decide beforehand if I start with my face or eyes first. How I make this decision is based entirely on the look I want to achieve (natural or glam) & the products I will be using.


– Use concealer on eye area first

– Apply an eyeshadow primer, like Urban Decay Primer Potion, to help make your eyeshadows last all day & night

– If want to know the importance of a primer, I have a previous post up just Click Here

– Start with your brows & fill them in

– Some products I use for my eye makeup, like the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, has a lot of fallout. So if I did my face first, it would be ruined, as the only way to get rid of the eyeshadows that dropped is literally use a makeup remover. I know you can use a duo fiber brush to remove some of the excess, but I personally dont think it removes it all

– The same with using glitter or pigments, they have fallout, so I would advise starting with your eye make-up first if using any of these products. You could use a loose powder & place under the eye area too, so when any products falls when applying on to eyes, it will drop onto the powder & you can wipe away. The only problem with this theory is the product fallout might fall down further then where you placed the powder, therefore makeup remover will have to be used to remove.

– If applying strip lashes, apply mascara first on your own lashes & wait for about 2-3 minutes to dry in. Then you can start to apply your strip lashes. When the eye makeup is done, then you can start with the rest of your face.

Face Makeup

If you have decided to go for a natural look, I would start with face first. If you just finished your eye makeup, you can also use the next steps. Cleanse, tone, moisturise & use a primer. Wait about 5 minutes for moisturiser to dry in before putting on your primer. You can now apply

– your foundation

– concealer under your eyes (& around your eye area if you haven’t done your eye makeup yet)

– contour areas: below your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, jawline & sides of forehead (depending on face shape)

– highlight areas with either matte or shimmer: under brow bone, inner eyes, cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupids bow, chin (with a matte highlight) & middle of forehead  (with matte highlight

– eye makeup (if not done yet)

– set with a powder or setting spray.

It’s all about preference how to apply & where to start. I hope ye discovered a few tips in my post & makes makeup application that bit easier 😃



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