How To Make Your Eyes Look Like You Had A Good Night Sleep

There are plenty of mornings when you look at yourself in the mirror and think ‘I should have went to bed early, I look like sh1t’ 😂 So I decided to pop down my top tricks to make you look like you have had your 8 hours sleep.

  1. Pop 2 teaspoons into the fridge for 15 minutes. Once time is up, pop them under your eye area for about two minutes. This will instantly brighten up your eyes & ease the puffiness.
  2. Pop concealer on your eye area and blend. This will hide dark circles.
  3. Put on your eye shadow & place a powder highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes more.
  4. Use a nude or white liner on the waterline of your eye. This will make your eyes appear bigger and more awake.
  5. Apply mascara & voila, you’re done.

Hope these little tricks help xxx

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