How to prepare lips before applying matte lipstick

Who doesn’t love to wear matte lipstick? Especially when you find the right one that lasts all day! But I hate when lips can look all cracked & stick to dry areas. So here’s a quick post on how to prep your lips before lipstick application.

Do the first 2 steps BEFORE applying any makeup, so your lips get time to benefit from them.

  1. Exfoliate your lips. There are 2 ways to do this 1) use a lip scrub or 2) wet your lips with water, dampen a tooth brush & lightly brush your lips for about 20 seconds. Either way, this will remove dry skin on your lips.
  2. Apply the likes of a lip balm to give your lips some moisture.
  3. Apply makeup now.
  4. When makeup is applied, now we start on lips.
  5. Apply lipliner, a colour the same as lipstick or one shade lighter/darker.
  6. Apply matte lipstick with applicator included or use a lip brush. I prefer a lip brush, as it gets right inside lip area without a mess.
  7. If lipstick not pigmented enough, apply a second layer, but no more then 2 coats. One layer is normally enough.
  8. Wait around 5 – 8 mins for lipstick to dry.
  9. You’re done 😄

Hope this post was helpful xx

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