Luna by Lisa Liquid Eyeshadows – Party Edition Review

Glitter, glitter everywhere, but not enough for me…. well that’s what it feels like at times 😂 Lipstick and glitter are an addiction of mine. So when I was on the Luna by Lisa website a few weeks ago, I seen that there was a sale on the liquid eyeshaows. I put them in my basket quickly and bought them without hesitation. Rose gold and smokey grey, silver glitter….. They had to be mine.

Luna by Lisa Liquid Eyeshadow Party Edition Set

On the Luna by Lisa website, the following information is given about the liquid eyeshadows;


A smoky midnight grey embellished with silver glitter, this sultry shade is perfect for adding drama to your look. Easy to wear and apply, Midnight Onyx will soon become your go-to shade for after dark.

This soft rose liquid pigment is enhanced with ultimate shine and showstopping sparkle. An adaptable shade that works with any eye colour – wear Rose Quartz and shine bright every day.

Use the applicator wand to apply liquid pigment over bare lids or a base eyeshadow. A single stroke provides subtle sparkle while further layers create intense glitter and shine. Buff softly and let your eyes dazzle.

I wore these two liquid eyeshadows a lot, mostly the rose quartz if I am honest, as I wasn’t out much to wear the midnight onyx.

When I first applied the Rose Quartz, I was shocked, this liquid eyeshadow was the Queen of the Glitz and the Glam. Rose Quartz sparkled so bright with just one swipe. You can build it, but honestly you don’t need to build it up much, as Rose Quartz is so sparkly. The Rose Quartz barely budged throughout the day or after a night out either.

Wearing Rose Quartz Liquid Eyeshadow

With Midnight Onyx, I was half afraid to try it at first. I did a smokey eye and popped on the midnight onxy over my lid. I was very surprised how much I liked this colour. The glitter was a little more chunky than the one in Rose Quartz but I like that with a dark smokey eye. The glitter wasn’t as sparkly as Rose Quartz but it still stood out. Again, the Midnight Onyx did last all day and barely budged.

Wearing Midnight Onyx Liquid Eyeshadow

If you are looking into updating your glitter or pigments, or if you are someone who struggles to apply loose glitters, then the Luna by Lisa liquid eyeshadow party edition is definetly one to add to your makeup bag. The wand applicator makes it so easy to apply. They retail for €25 and you can buy online or in selected stores nationwide.

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