So Sue Kylie Lashes Review

When I was in Penney’s Athlone, I picked up the SoSue Kylie Lashes. The Kylie Lashes were just calling to me, they were edgy & dramatic. I knew they would complete any look. I’m not a big fan of celebrity products, as I found that a lot I tried in the past were a big let down.

*pic is not mine, I downloaded from Google. Never though of taking a pic.

The band on the lashes are really thick. They actually made it really hard to pop on. I actually stabbed myself with the Sharp tweezers a couple on times putting them on. Once you do get them on, omg, they are amazing. I get so many compliments with them.

My tip is before applying them on, I’d wait for the glue to dry on the lashes for about a minute, compared to your normal 20-30 seconds. You really need the glue to be extremely tacky, otherwise when you apply them, they will keep lifting one side. I have been able to wear them 3 times before throwing them out.

I don’t think these lashes are suitable for those new to strip lashes, as you’ll honestly be so p***ed off you can’t apply them with the thick band. I was f***ing & blinding a few times & I’m applying lashes for years 😂

Would I purchase again? Yes, just because they did look amazing on. Just give yourself an extra few minutes then normal to apply these lashes though. They are only available in Penney’s stores for €6.

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