JOKO All In One Foundation Review

October 27, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

As some of you know, I received a few items from Visage Beauty Store to try out & review a couple of weeks ago. I received the Joko Foundation in shade 111 Natural Beige, which is the perfect colour for me when my tan is fading.

It states the following on Visage Beauty Store website about this product:

“The Perfect ‘ALL in One Foundation’ provides a natural, smooth even coverage with an easy and quick application, providing a moisturising and lifting matte finish to the skin. The read more

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Smashbox Lighting Theory Palette Review

September 13, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

I picked up this palette when I was in Boots Pharmacy, Athlone, in July 2016. I have been playing with this palette for over a year now & finally getting around to doing a review.

I love the holographic look & the way it opens up like a book. You can also detatch the inserts, which is ideal if someone’s only interested in bringing one side with them rather than the whole palette. The palette contains:

16 Photo Op Eyeshadow 4 Cream Color Corrector 3  Contouring cream 3  Cream highlighter 4  Get the look insert 3  Blush *apologies for the usage shown, I didn’t take a picture when I purchased a year ago. LEFT SIDE So on the left side, it consists of cream products; colour correctors, contour, highlight & shimmer highlighters. First Row: I love the colour corrector creams, they are so easy to blend and are great if myself or clients have some redness/yellowness on skin or dark circles. This covers it up so well. Second Row: You have your contour, bronze & highlight creams. These are blendable, but you need the right brush. I use Zoeva No. 109 Face Paint Vegan brush to apply and blend. Third Row: I forgot how much I loved these highlighters until I tried them out again on my Snapchat divinenailsros for one of my tutorials. The key to applying this product is to apply on finger tips and dap it on areas you want to highlight. If you drag it, you will remove the product. *colours starting from left is top row RIGHT SIDE On the right side, there are 16 eyeshadows and 3 shades of blush. Eyeshadows: I love the variation of colour in the eyeshadows, you can make any kind of look with them. There’s a great variety of metallic & mattes, so there’s something for everyone. Personally, I found the metallics a lot more pigmented then the mattes. You can just build up the mattes though, whereas the metallics, just one swipe across the lid & it’s done. Blush: The blush range is great, again a colour for everyone. I build up this blush rather than placing a lot on the brush, as it is very pigmented. *above pic of the top 2 rows of eyeshadows *above pic third & fourth row of eyeshadows *above picture of 3 shades of blush

  • Overall, I really like this palette. My favourites are the colour correctors,
read more

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bBold Contour Palette Review

September 10, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 2

When I seen that bBold had a contour palette out, I really needed to get my hands on it. I think of myself as the contour queen at times & I was due to try another contour palette. There was so much buzz on social media about this contour kit & lots of people were holding competition’s to win this palette, so I entered on Molly’s Lifestyle Pharmacy Instagram & I won! bBold have a range of tans out, so it made sense if they were going to venture into the makeup side, a contour read more

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Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation Review

September 7, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

A lot of people seem to be going wild for Benefit Cosmetics, so when I was in Cara Pharmacy, Longford, a few weeks ago, I decided to get coloured matched & pick up one of their foundations. I needed a light coloured foundation since I had so many for tanned skin tones. The lady colour matched me to the shade Ivory.

On Benefit Cosmetics site, they state the following for their Oxygen Wow foundation:

“Our brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a read more

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Smashbox Photo Finish Water Primer Review

August 7, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

I purchased the Smashbox Photo Finish Water Primer in Boots last week & I have been using it everyday since. I was interested to see what a water primer was like, compared to the ‘normal’ primers.

On Boots website, it states the following about the Smashbox water primer;

“Mists on to add radiance and prep skin for makeup application. It instantly absorbs into skin for immediate, lasting hydration, leaving it looking ultra-soft. It delivers revitalising read more

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Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo in Absolute Nude Review

June 8, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

I was on the hunt for an affordable nude lipstick and the Flormar Absolute Nude caught my eye. It’s a beautiful pink toned nude.

Here’s the description of the product: “A cashmere effect with full coverage! Special formula that combines the finest colour pigments with an infusion of last generation moisture – boosting complex. Orchid Complex leaves the lips smooth and provides moisturizing. Fights free radicals and reduces appearance of fine lip lines. Shea butter and Cacao read more

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Bbold smart mousse tan review

May 3, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 7

A couple of weeks ago, I was so lazy one evening & I didn’t want to put my usual tan on. I remembered I heard of this quick tan that you put on for up to 3 hours & shower off, where it then develops. Sounded like my cup of tea. The next day, I purchased it in Rosmed Pharmacy, Roscommon Town.

So here’s what you need to know about this tan:  “bBold smart mousse has 3 simple steps, APPLY, SHOWER, DEVELOP and with this regime you will become beautifully bronzed while read more

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Colour B4 Remover Review

April 25, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

***This is my review from January 2016, so thought I would post it on my blog***

I was colouring my hair from August 2014 – January 2016 a red colour. I had decided to go back to blonde but instead of putting my hair through a lot of stress getting out the red by prelightening etc at hairdressers, I was recommended to try out the Colour B4 Remover, which contains no ammonia or peroxide and shrinks the artificial dye molecules in the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away.

I used read more

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AYU Angled Eyeliner & Pro Eyeliner Brush Review

April 25, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

I purchased these at the Irish Beauty Show in March 2016 and feel that I have used them enough now to review. I purchased the Angled Eyeliner Brush & Pro Eyeliner Brush, as I love eyeliner and it’s hard to find a good brush.

The Angled Eyeliner Brush (bottom brush in pic) can be used as a brow brush and eyeliner brush. The brush is really soft and it is perfect for getting your gel liner straight and to build it up if want it thicker! I have used other brushes but this one is just perfect read more

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Milkshake Silver Shampoo Review

April 24, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

The grey/silver hair trend is still huge & I personally absolutely love it. You need your hair bleached to almost white to create a base. I get my hair done professionally, as I have seen far too many DIY disasters bleaching hair at home.

I was in the Hair & Beauty Company in Athlone purchasing a few bits for my salon & I asked one of the girls who worked there, Catherine, if there was a toner to go grey. They advised me of the milkshake silver shine shampoo, so I decided to give it a go & purchased it.

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week & left this shampoo on for about 5-10 minutes each time. This shampoo is extremely purple, it literally stains your hands if you leave it on for over 15 seconds without applying to your hair. I definitely seen results by the fifth wash, it was going a grey/purply colour.

I got my hair done again a couple of weeks ago & I repurchased this shampoo the week after. So this time when I washed my hair, I left it on for an hour before rinsing. It was definitely more silver. It took 3 washes in total, where I left the other 2 in for about half an hour each, as I wanted results quicker, to get my hair more silver. To get the results that I have pictured at the bottom to a really grey shade, I use the shampoo ever time I wash my hair, it takes a few goes.

The shampoo can dry your hair out if you leave it on a long time, so I leave in my conditioner for around 10 minutes after & I use a hair mask for about an hour once a week to keep it in good condition.

If you want to go back to blonde, just use head and shoulders shampoo, as this strips the colour out. That’s how I remove it before going into my hairdressers to get my hair redone.

This is the shampoo for you if you want to achieve the silver/grey look. It’s around the €10 mark, I’m not fully sure as I purchase other stuff with it when I buy, & you can get in any Hair & Beauty Company stores in Ireland.

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