BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Strawberry Tan Review

April 1, 2019 lisanaughtonmua 0

I basically have all BPerfect Cosmetics products, so I was delighted to get my hands on their newest tan.

On the BPerfect website, it states the following about the product:

Introducing the newest member to the BPerfect tanning range – 10 Second Strawberry Tanning Mousse – Limited Edition
Same great product as the existing 10 Second Tan family – the self tanning mousse is lightweight, quick drying and created with natural and organic active ingredients.
Developed with aloe read more

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Iconic Bronze Dark Lotion Tan Review

January 28, 2018 lisanaughtonmua 0

I have been meaning to do a review on this tan for months, but I kept forgetting to take before & after pictures. I purchased this tan in the Professional Beauty Show, RDS in September 2017. There is so much hype about this tan, I had to see why.

On the Iconic Bronze website, they give the following information about this tan:

Easy to apply & fast results
Formulated to dry quickly, with a streak free, flawless finish, Iconic Bronze tan is designed for busy, on-the-go people, who want to look beautifully bronzed in an instant.

Nourishing for the skin
Enriched with sunflower oil and Omega 6 & 9, Iconic Bronze contains the perfect, unique blend of ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and deeply nourished.

Fruity & floral fragrance
Fig, mandarin and orange blossom notes combine to create a fresh, vibrant, summertime scent, eliminating any bad, fake tan smell.

Affordable luxury
We believe that everyone can have a taste of luxury. That’s why we’ve designed a tan that will give you a golden, olive glow, free from nasty chemicals, that moisturises and soothes the skin, at an affordable price.”

If you want to know do’s & don’ts before & after tan application, read one of my previous posts by Clicking Here

So let me give you my experience and thoughts of this tan.

It comes out as a dark brown lotion & I apply with my tanning mitt. It has never given me streaks & it’s easy to apply as it’s an instant colour, so you can see if you missed any where. It is fast drying, so you can get dressed the minute you finish applying this tan. Next, you CAN wear this tan during the day while it’s developing if you want to go somewhere, but I would advise wait about 60 – 90 minutes for the lotion to completely absorb, as it can look a bit “muddy” when first applied but that settles. Smell wise, there was a bit of a tan smell, not over powering, but I was trying to think what it reminded me off & it slightly reminded me of the garnier lotions. It takes at least 8 hours to develop, so I normally leave it on overnight before showering it off. I was left with a lovely natural bronze looking tan.

As a lot of ye know, I have really dry skin, so I normally put body cream on me after washing off a tan, as some tans make my skin look really dry & cracked looking. The last two times after applying this tan, I decided not to apply any body cream as I wanted to see if it would look drying and I can confirm that there were no dry cracks or patchiness on my skin even without moisturiser!

Wear off wise, like all tans, it’s my hands that start to wear off first. This happens on day 2 or 3 and then the rest starts to wear on day 5. It fades lovely and again doesn’t give me the dirty, patchy wear off that some tans do.

*Top pic is before tan, bottom pic is after using Iconic Bronze

So yes, this tan 100% gets my approval. I actually can’t find any fault with it on my side & this tan only cost me €10 at the Professional Beauty show! You can buy it online by Clicking Here or you can purchase at a large range of Penneys Stores across the country. I think they vary in price between €10 – €12.

Have you tried this tan yet? What are your experiences?

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BPerfect 10 Second Watermelon Tan Review

August 4, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

So everyone seems to be talking about this tan lately & I was so happy to get my hands on it!!! I love a dark tan for the summer months, so the dark Watermelon tan was the perfect choice for me.

The tan comes in a mist form. I sprayed the tan on the bPerfect tanning mitt (about 4 sprays) and applied on my arm. The colour is instant, so it was great to see where I was applying. I’m not a fan of gradual tanners, as I always miss a spot! There is no horrible tan smell from it, just a hint of watermelon. It’s such a beautiful scent. The colour comes up fully in about 10 minutes & it dries so quick, you can get dressed the minute you finish your tan application.

The important bit for many…. how does the tan wear off?? So it says the tan lasts 3 – 5 days. For me, the tan starts to fade on the third day, but I’m always showering & exfoliating, so I’m not surprised. I have talked to other people who have this tan & a lot of them get 5 -7 days before it starts to fade. There is no patchiness when the tan fades either, which I am so happy about, as honestly I have tried so many at this stage, a lot don’t suit me. I also have dry skin, so I was happy that this didn’t dry out my skin either.

*above picture is my arm with the bPerfect tan & my waist area, where I didn’t apply any tan.

Is this a tan I’d recommend? Absolutely!! No nasty smells, no streaks, no patchiness, a beautiful scent & fades evenly. It comes in two colour options: Natural coconut & Dark Watermelon. It retails at €24.94 & you can buy online by Clicking Here (affiliate link) or you can purchase in most pharmacies across the country.


Disclaimer: I was given this tan to try by bPerfect Cosmetics. I always give my honest opinion on all products I try, whether given or purchased.

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Bbold smart mousse tan review

May 3, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 7

A couple of weeks ago, I was so lazy one evening & I didn’t want to put my usual tan on. I remembered I heard of this quick tan that you put on for up to 3 hours & shower off, where it then develops. Sounded like my cup of tea. The next day, I purchased it in Rosmed Pharmacy, Roscommon Town.

So here’s what you need to know about this tan:  “bBold smart mousse has 3 simple steps, APPLY, SHOWER, DEVELOP and with this regime you will become beautifully bronzed while feeling completely fresh.

Simply APPLY using a tanning mitt. Wait 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on your desired colour then SHOWER, rinse off and moisturise. Then feel completely fresh as you DEVELOP, as if you are not even wearing tan.

  • No fake tan smell
  • No Stickiness
  • No transfer onto sheets
  • Kahai oil
  • Natural organic DHA
  • Paraben Free

With 3.2.1 colour control technology you can achieve your perfect colour, simply allow..

  • 1 HOUR for a softly sun-kissed look
  • 2 HOURS for a golden glow
  • 3 HOURS to be bronzed and beautiful”

I applied the tanning mousse with my tanning mitt all over my body. The smell reminded me of one of the dove or garnier body lotions I have. I waited about 5 minutes before I put on loose clothing (hello, I have kids, I’m lucky I even had 5 minutes to spare to let the tan dry in this length). I had my shower after 4 hours to wash off the tan (was suppose to be 3 hours but was so behind time as usual) & I left it to develop.

If you follow me on my Snapchat lisanaughtonmua, you would know I didn’t know what to think of the Bbold smart tan mousse first. When I got up the next morning, it was a mix of an orangy,  brown tan on my skin. There were no patches or streaks,  so that was a major bonus. Alas, it began to fade on the 4th day but it faded beautifully & it was not one bit obvious.

So, I re-read the instructions again & it said to put on for 8 hours before showering for a ‘deliciously dark tan’. I popped the tan on again, this time for 9 hours & showered it off. This time, it was definitely more of a golden brown colour & just a tad darker than the time I left it on for 4 hours. Again, when the tan began to wear off, it looked like it was fading naturally. Hooray!!!

I am so, so, so happy I FINALLY found  a budget tan that I can wear that’s not patchy or streaky. I am really pale naturally with dry skin & this tan did not dry out my skin one bit. If you want a really, really dark tan, I would advise to apply a second layer. I would highly recommend the bBold Smart Mousse. It’s €14.95 to buy in pharmacies & online.

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No Picture

Tan Eraser Mitt Review

April 17, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

Ok so here is my review on the TanEraser. Ladies, I cannot stress how amazing this product is. You just put it on like a glove. I use the pink side to exfoliate myself to get my skin ready for tan. I only had to rub lightly and my skin was so soft and smooth. Next morning, I put on my tan and it went on evenally 😊
When the time came for my tan to come off the following week, I used the pink side mostly and the black side for the more stubborn areas, such as elbows, knees and ankles, and could see all the Tan just lifting off no problem and left with silky, smooth skin. I have also used this tan eraser when I only had tan on for around 4 days, so it was obviously going to be harder to get off, but I used only the black side of the mitt and it removed all the tan without any hassle 😄

I honestly am in love with this Tan Eraser mitt. It Is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it to everyone <3 I have mine for nearly two years now and it is 100% in tact. It costs €8- €10 in pharmacies & beauty salons nationwide.

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No Picture

Insanity Tan Bronzing Mousse Review

April 14, 2017 lisanaughtonmua 0

I was first introduced to Insanity Tan when I attended the Professional Beauty Show in  the RDS Dublin, September 2016. I actually won a litre bottle of their spray tan in a competition that day for my salon  & I was super excited to try this, as was on the look out for a new brand for Spray Tan. So I tested their tan out on a few friends & the results was unreal! I have a few friends who said no spray tan stick to their legs & this was the only one that did! So that was it for me. I became a stockist in my salon of Insanity Tan.

Next, I discovered they do retail, so I had to try their self tan Bronzing Mousse before I decided if I wanted to stock in salon.  Here is the low down:

“Insanity Tan is a premium organic and hypoallergenic tanning & skincare range that is kind to skin and perfectly formulated to ensure a natural looking, streak-free tan. Developed for all skin types, our unique formulas are ideal for those with sensitive skin.  Insanity Tan products are pH balanced and combine the highest grade blend of DHA and Erytholose. They are free from all nasty irritants commonly used in other brands including sodium laurel sulphates, parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde DMDM, and perfumes. Insanity Tan’s natural ingredients work gently on both your face and body to deliver stunning tanning results.  Our products are specifically designed to hydrate, calm and soothe, and are infused with anti-ageing & anti-oxidant rich White Tea extract & Aloe Vera which work together to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as they actively nourish the skin, ensuring a perfect fade. All Insanity Tan products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.”

Sounds perfect right!? I used the light/medium Bronzing Mousse. It’s a tinted mousse, so I could see if I had missed any area. There was none of that strong fake tan smell, which I hate. I left it on over night and showered in the morning. The tan came out beautifully, streak-free & even! Was so impressed!

I have dry skin and it did not dry it out at all! It started to wear off after a week but it was even and none of that patchiness (my problem area is my neck/chest area where faded tan looks horrific). If you are into a darker tan, you can also get Dark or Ultra Dark shades. I am well impressed with this tan, both the spray tan & the Bronzing Mousse. I also purchased their gold glitter spray, which I spray over the tan on a night out.

Insanity Tan products can only be purchased in salons 😄

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