The Belle Brush Review

I purchased the original belle hair brush in Belle Hair, Galway, back in November when I got my hair extensions. Belle Hair were so kind to gift me the baby belle brush a couple of weeks later when they released it. Since hair extensions aren’t cheap, I wanted to make sure my hair was getting the best possible care, as I didn’t want my hair to end up matting or falling out.

On the Belle Brush website, it states about the Belle Brush; “Soft nylon bristles glide through your roots to prevent matting, without pulling on your extensions, while shorter bristles distribute natural hair oils from the root down to the tip to prevent dry, frizzy ends.

Large vents at the back of the brush allow air to flow through the hair evenly when drying, reducing heat damage while significantly cutting down your blow drying time.”

I love the design of the brush and the hint of rose gold on it. I honestly don’t think I can live without this brush now. I haven’t lost one hair extension & I know it has a lot to do with the Belle Brush. I pop the baby belle into my handbag as it’s a smaller size & my kids use it too. My two girls love the way it doesn’t tug on their hair.

This brush is perfect for anyone with or without hair extensions. The Belle Brush is €25 & the Baby Belle Brush is €20. You can purchase the Belle Brush and Baby Belle in Belle Hair, on or in selected pharmacies nationwide.

The Belle Brush & The Baby Belle pictured with some of my favourite hair care products.
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